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Bluebell Ridge (RSPCA) Cat Rehoming Centre

Tel: 01424 752121 (11:30am-3pm every day except Thurs)
Come along and visit our lovely cats who are waiting for new homes. We know they will be pleased to see you!
RSPCA Emergency Helpline Number: 0300 1234 999


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Bluebell Ridge is owned and operated by the Sussex East and Hastings Branch of the RSPCA. It is a separate charity within the national body and is entirely self-financing.

Each year the Branch has to raise approximately £150,000 to keep the centre open and this is done through fundraising events, pen sponsorship, donations, legacies and adoption fees for the cats. The cattery does not receive any funding from the RSPCA.

The branch also runs a dog re-homing facility which is done on a home from home basis  and very successfully re homes approximately 100 dogs in a year.  

The cattery also microchips cats for the public at a reduced fee of £10.To support Bluebell Ridge and the Dog Rehoming there is a charity shop in Bexhill town.

Forthcoming Events

Please look at our Forthcoming Events page for a full details and a complete list.

16th May 15 Flag Day
At Battle
22nd May 15 Collection
Runs from Friday, May 22nd to Saturday, May 23rd
24th May 15 Open Day
At Bluebell Ridge Cat Re-homing Centre
1st Jun 15 RSPCA Week
Runs from Monday, June 1st to Sunday, June 7th
At Tesco
14th Jun 15 Open Garden
At 25 Ellerslie Lane

Latest News

For a complete list of our news, please see the Latest News page.

23rd Apr 15 The Purrfect Fun Day at the Bluebell Ridge.
13th Apr 15 We Need Your Help!
9th Mar 15 Christmas PLea........Can you Help?
3rd Feb 15 Did You Know............?!
22nd Jan 15 Easyfundraising


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*Please note we are not responsible for the content on non-RSPCA Websites



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Terrier Cross, 7 Years Old, Black and Grey, Longish Coat. No Cats, OK Children, Generally OK other Dogs.Sadly Kipper's owner passed away and he is now living with the daughter who has an older dog and cats, unfortunately this combination isn't working. He is a nice little dog who would suit someone on their own or retired.
Black and White Short Haired Male, 5 Years Old Approx.Ralph is a handsome boy who could spend hours having as much fuss and attention spent on him as possible. He likes to explore his surroundings but quickly comes back for more head scratches. He is a laid back and sweet natured cat and would make the perfect addition to any home. Could go with other cats.
Black Short Haired Male, 3 Years Old Approximately.Ryan is a handsome, affectionate lad who initially found it difficult to settle into cattery life, in part, due to his injury following an RTA. He has now recovered from his injury and settled down, gladly enjoying a fuss and a cuddle but still likes his independence. He loves to play and will often be caught charging around, bouncing through the air, now enjoying life as a healed cat. He is an energetic boy, full of character and needs a home with lots to keep him entertained. He may be able to go with another cat, subject to further testing. He needs a home where he can settle in his own time an learn to enjoy life again.RYAN IS CURRENTLY OUR LONGEST STAY RESIDENT WE DONT KNOW WHY AS HE IS A LOVELY CAT AND STUNNING LOOKING. PLEASE IF YOU CAN IN YOUR HEARTS TO GIVE HIM A HOME CALL IN AT THE CENTRE AND WE WILL BE PLEASED TO INTRODUCE HIM TO YOU.
Tabby and White Short Haired Female, 8 Years Old Approximately .Mitzie is a beautiful cat who is quiet and sweet natured. She is very friendly and affectionate and enjoys a fuss but isn't keen on being over-handled. She would best suit a quiet home environment without other cats so she can relax and enjoy the company and attention she loves.
Black and White Short haired Females. Jinny is 10 Years Old and Bella is 6 Years Old.Jinny and Bella are both very affectionate, loving cats. They are quite shy, Bella more so, but with a bit of reassurance they come out of their shell, and really love a fuss. They need a quiet home to settle into so that they can relax and enjoy life. Need to be the only cats.
Bluebell Ridge (RSPCA) Cat Rehoming Centre
Tel: 01424 752121 (11:30am-3pm every day except Thursdays)
RSPCA Emergency Helpline Number: 0300 1234 999

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Bluebell Ridge
(RSPCA) Cat Rehoming Centre
Tel: 01424 752121
(12pm-3pm every day except Thurs)
RSPCA Emergency Helpline:
0300 1234 999